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Forum Rules
Antrap Discussion Board Rules

In an ideal world, there would be no need for any rules.

Unfortunately many other boards and discussion groups have been spoiled by inappropriate, irrelevant and inflammatory messages. Also, like most discussion boards, our forums are used by a wide range of individuals (spanning a wide age range, different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, etc) and are accessed in a variety of settings (eg. the workplace, schools and universities, the home, etc). The owners have a duty to ensure the forums remain a pleasant environment for all its users.

Therefore, we have formulated a list of rules which act as a guideline for the sort of conduct which we feel is appropriate from registered forum members. People who register are asked to exercise common sense and behave reasonably on the board. By signing up as a member, you agree to abide by these rules. The rules also include what you can expect from the site staff who “moderate” the forum.


The rules are enforced by the following members of site staff:

1) "Moderators" – These are the people who monitor the forums on a daily basis to ensure compliance with the rules, basically keeping the forums tidy.

2) “Administrator” – this individual performs system administration (eg. activating new members), has moderation duties across all forums and deals with queries, questions, etc.

These can be contacted by clicking on the Team tab at the top of the page (below the Antrap logo)

Please remember that site staff are unpaid volunteers who give up their free time to help ensure that the forums remain vibrant and useful for the Ant community. Moderation is not an easy task and you may not agree with every decision that is made, but this is a fact of life. Therefore, we ask that moderators be treated with the respect they deserve and in return you can expect to be treated the same. Offensive treatment of site staff will not be tolerated.

If your thread is moved, closed, deleted or edited “Moderators” will, subject workload, provide a reason why in the thread and/or via e-mail or Private Message (PM). If this happens, please do not simply post a new thread on the same subject: you should re-read the rules here to see what has caused the possible problem. If you consider that the “Moderators” are being unfair please PM/e-mail them first of all to discuss any issues you may have. Hopefully something can be sorted. Do not continue via other means (eg. posting in related threads on the boards). The decision of the “Administrator/moderators” is final.

We really do not want to exclude any Adam Ant/Adam and the Ants fans from the boards but where there is a serious breach of the rules, or continuous breach of the rules, individuals may have their accounts suspended. This will usually only be enacted as a last resort following a warning beforehand by e-mail, Private Message (PM) or on the boards itself by a member of site staff. There are no exceptions to the rules and ignorance of the rules or citing examples of similar behaviour by other individuals are never deemed acceptable defences.


When you register you accept the following rules:

1. Registering:

A) Registering a username with a fake e-mail address, or an address that does not belong to you, is not allowed. Similarly, impersonating someone else - such as an existing user of the board - is strictly forbidden. Finally, registering more than one username is not permitted. Please only register one username.

2. Legal obligations:

A) You are responsible, both legally and morally, for your postings on Antrap. By registering to post on the forum you are accepting this responsibility.

B) Antrap does not condone or endorse ANY illegal activities, and expressly prohibits the use of the forum for such activities, including, but not limited to, selling unauthorised Adam Ant/Adam and the Ants recordings.

3. Posting and replying to threads:

A) The discussion board is made up of many forums. Please ensure that you post your thread/topic in the appropriate forum – check the forum descriptions if in doubt.

B) It is expected that users will employ common sense and behave in a sensible manner when posting. This means users should not engage in activities such as flaming, spamming and other behaviour which is deemed unreasonable/inappropriate by site staff.

C) You must not use any language that could be construed as being racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise hateful, condescending or ridiculing towards anyone or any group of people. This includes using the boards to “flame” individuals (eg. "newbies") and/or carry out personal feuds against individuals or other websites – this also applies to signatures, profiles, etc.

D) Do not post "spam". Spam includes any messages that are pointless, irrelevant, self-serving, undiscussable, and/or offensive. In particular it relates to posting messages within threads which have no obvious relation or tenuous links to the topic of the thread.

E) Do not upload any “X-rated” or otherwise inappropriate files to the board. If in doubt check with a “Moderator” or “Administrator” before uploading the file(s). Uploaded files may be removed without notice.

F) Signatures which contravene any of the rules (eg. inappropriate language, personal attacks/flames, etc) will be removed without notice.

G) Please do not use the Antrap forums to have "conversations" that are unrelated to the topic thread - use email/PM to do this.

4. Moderation:

A) The “Moderators” and “Administrator” reserve the right to move, close, edit or delete any thread deemed to directly violate the rules or is otherwise considered inappropriate.

B) “Moderators” and the “Administrator” will endeavour to close rather than delete threads and will justify their actions so as to help members realise how the problem arose.

C) If you consider that the “Moderators” are being unfair please PM/e-mail them first of all to discuss any issues you may have.

D) Where a legitimate thread has been spoilt by the inconsiderate few, “Moderators” and the "Administrator" will make the call whether to save the thread (by removing all inappropriate comments and bringing it back on course) or simple closure. Site staff cannot be expected to be “nannies” – there simply aren’t enough hours in the day!

5. Account suspension:

A) We do not want to have to exclude anyone from the board, but to ensure the forum remains a happy place for the majority, your account may be suspended if you break the rules.

B) All users can expect at least ONE warning before their account is suspended.

C) The length of account suspension will depend on how serious the "Moderators/Administrator” deem the breach of rules to be.


Please exercise common sense and behave in a reasonable manner when posting. The rules provide guidance as to what is acceptable behaviour but cannot cover every circumstance.

Please ensure that you post your message in the correct forum. Each forum has a description on the main page to help you.

Please do not attempt to answer a query posted on the boards if you do not know the answer.

Please do not post any messages or start any threads asking for information about Adam Ant/Adam and the Ants without checking to see if something similar has already been asked, use the search function.


Please make the 'subject' of your thread a succinct summary of your message, rather than something vague or cryptic.

Please do not post any messages in BLOCK CAPITALS, MiXEd LeTtERs or text speak. This is irritating to read for everyone else.

Try to use the Spell Check function if you are unsure of a spelling, this isn't essential but is greatly appreciated.


please take note of the following:

1) Threads that have not been posted in for 365 days or more, may be deleted.

2) You are allowed to keep private messages for no more than 30 days. If you wish to keep them for a longer period than this, you will have to save them (copy & paste) into a word file on your own PC/laptop etc.

3) Members that have not logged on to the forum for more then 365 will be considered to have left and the account will be removed.

These additions are to help keep the size of the forum to a manageable level, hence keeping backup times down to a minimum.

Thank you for taking the time to read the rules. We look forward to seeing you on the forum.